A Life Changing Experience Before starting yoga, I was quite skeptical of the benefits and changes it would bring into my life. However, after suffering from severe anxiety for the past three years, I decided to seek more natural solutions to resolve my health issues. I contacted the “Nature Yoga Center” and requested a private yoga instructor as I felt I would best benefit from one-on-one attention. The owner was extremely helpful and organized and the yoga therapists were always on time and very professional.

I started classes with yoga therapist Mr. Ratish and finished my classes with Mr. Vijesh, both excellent teachers, very helpful, kind and always ready to answer any questions I had regarding yoga and spirituality. After the first lesson, I was more relaxed and at peace. As I continued with the classes, I learned proper breathing techniques and yoga routines that helped me immensely with my anxiety. By the time I finished my yoga courses, I was 100% convinced of the art of yoga as it changed my life in such a short time. I cannot thank the “Nature Yoga Center” enough and my two amazing instructors for giving me the gift of yoga which now became my life.

My anxiety decreased dramatically! I am much more energetic, ambitious and most importantly happy! I will always recommend the “Nature Yoga Center” and I wish I had contacted you earlier. Thank you being with me on this beautiful journey we call life.

With all my love and gratitude,
"​Nature Yoga Center's patanjali Yoga has increased my stamina, made my body flexible and makes me feel very good and exhilarated and I feel I am flying in the air when I finish my workout".

Endorphins or happy hormones are extensively released in my body after the workout! I love Nature Yoga Center"'"s Yoga!

I started yoga classes for the physical benefits. Those benefits have been terrific. Although I am still a novice, I am stronger, more flexible, and my balance and coordination have improved. But there is another benefit that I did not expect; for lack of a better term, I call it Focus. This gift of focus from nature yoga has surpasses all the physical benefits.

Nature Yoga team has given me a place to go to where I feel welcome and share common interests with a great group of people. I am proud to be considered a 'regular' now and have made it a lifestyle habit.
Shivraj U.B