Inner Transformation

Let us relay a beautiful story about a caterpillar who led much of its life presuming that it had come into being only to eat and sleep and do what the other caterpillars were doing. After feeling unhappy and a strange sense of longing for quite some time, it sensed that its life had another uncharted dimension and it thus decided to become still and silent. It started hanging from the branch of a tree, weaving a cocoon around itself and although this layer felt constrained and uncomfortable initially, the caterpillar waited with a new sense of awareness.

Its patience finally bore fruit, for when the cocoon burst open, the lowly worm that went in had transmuted into a beautiful, resplendent, winged butterfly that dazzled the sky. It soared high and flew into the open skies feeling free and unbounded, no longer limited to its worm-like existence. The caterpillar had been transformed into an epitome of air, lightness, magic and beauty.

Once the metamorphosis had taken place, it was impossible for the butterfly to return to being a worm. The caterpillar seemed to have become one with its inner being in the cocoon, and in this union it touched its ultimate potential. What may have happened in the cocoon can be described as Yoga – the path towards being limitless.

Yoga transforms and liberates human beings so that they can reach this unbounded state. Humans, unlike animals, are not merely existing, they are becoming. In order to evolve as a human being, one has to become aware of one’s limitations and strive towards the transcendence for which we all possess the potential.